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Hi! We're DigiGrin, a new kind of digital marketing agency

As a business, we know the internet can be scary and overwhelming. It can even feel like, unless you have this thing called an “online presence,” you apparently aren’t allowed to make tons of money and be super successful. So you have a website because, well, that’s how you internet. You have a Facebook page because, well, that’s how you social media.

Great start! …but what comes next?



See below for an idealized graph of how the process should go…

Have A Business


Make A Facebook Page


Get A Website


Make All The Money


Except for you aren’t making all the dough. You have absolutely no idea why you did all the things and your phone isn’t blowing up with calls from the people from the internet.

We feel you.

How do you turn your online efforts into real money?

Owners of businesses of all sizes struggle to connect the dots with this one…and it’s not their fault they don’t know how.

No one tells you how to make your website, Facebook, email list, Instagram, and more work for you and drive real sales.

Think of our team as a team of internet magicians who work directly for you, using different parts of your online presence to create a straight shot between you and all your ideal customers.

Yes, we mean all of them!

So…want to learn more about how you can make some changes in your online presence, or even how to get someone to do it for you?

Meet the Team


Amber Feese

Founder & Digital Marketing Director


I’m the founder of DigiGrin and a rainbow-haired (usually), tattooed boss babe and Colorado native who really enjoys being able to bring up those around me.

In April of 2018, I quit my full-time, stable job because I was convinced that there was a better way to do business then what I was being taught. I wanted to start a company that was honest with its capabilities and transparent with its clients.

Now, together with my team, we empower business owners to find what works for them in the digital marketing world and to fix what doesn’t.

In my free time you will find me watching way too much Tik Tok and wishing it was Vine or recreating vegan versions of my favorite childhood meals. I have never met a craft that I didn’t like. I talk to my dog like he’s a person. I actually enjoy family dinners.


Lacy Bundy

Content Marketing Manager


Hi, I’m Lacy and I specialize in media relations, public relations and social media marketing. I have worked at DigiGrin since September of 2019.

In my free time you can find me hanging with my pit bull Riley, drinking sweet tea like it’s water and binge watching any and all murder documentaries.

Since I am a Denver native, I enjoy going to REI and buying more than I can afford to take camping or hiking.

When no one else is watching I am typically trying for my chance to win a Grammy by putting on a full one-woman concert in my bathroom or daydreaming about owning a mini pig.

When I was a kid I dreamed that I would one day be an Olympic figure skater. Fun fact, I’ve ice skated twice in my life and have zero coordination, so here I am, slinging all the digital marketing I can to make up for it.


Rae Bathgate

SEO Copyeditor


My name is Rae and I’m a copy editor, copywriter, SEO specialist, and grammar nerd! I’ve been at DigiGrin since 2019, and I’ve been working in this field for about five years. My background is in journalism and content writing, as well as an English tutor and translator. I’m a huge bookworm and I love both linguistics and languages⁠ (I speak five languages and I’m learning a sixth). Doing SEO work is like a puzzle to be solved using both words and the internet (another one of my passions).

I grew up in Italy and Colorado, and now I’m back in Europe. After living in France and Spain, I’m now in Ireland, where you can find me quad rollerskating on less windy days, exploring Irish forests/hills/shores, trying to catch up on emails, listening to podcasts, writing fiction, and reading while surrounded by my worrisomely large collection of houseplants.