DigiGrin | Our Portfolio: SEO Analytics, Online Presence Reports, etc
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When you work with DigiGrin, you can expect to actually see results through SEO analytics, graphs, online presence reports, and expert suggestions.


Business owners we work with love that we’re able to tap into the ✨ magic✨  of the internet and influence their bottom lines. But we have a secret… there’s nothing magical about what we do! Anyone can do it! We sometimes take an artistic approach and find our solutions outside the box, but the truth is that we use metrics, pixels, and testing to make our decisions. Well…and, maybe, a little magic.

We use metrics, pixels and testing to make our decisions. A lot of what you don’t see is the few failures it takes before we finally hit that home run and break through the sales ceiling. The only difference is that we are crazy enough do it for a living 🤣

Curious about SEO analytics?

Here are some recent examples of the impressions we got for our clients.


The purple lines on the graphs below are impressions or the number of times that users saw a link to our client’s site in Google search. The blue lines are clicks or the number of times that a user clicked on a link to our client’s site in Google Search.